6 Ways to Get More Broccoli in Your Diet

6 Ways to Get More Broccoli in Your Diet

Amidst the recent reports and studies about the health benefits that broccoli can provide including arthritis prevention and supplementation of vitamin D, some of you may be wondering how you can being to incorporate this green vegetable into your diet. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways that you can make broccoli a part of your diet, as its a lot more versatile than you may think. Either steamed or raw, broccoli can be added to stir fry dishes, omelets in the morning, and even in your protein shakes or smoothies. So, without further adieu, here's a look at six ways you can make broccoli a staple in your healthy diet!

1. Add broccoli to your salads
This may be the more obvious of the six options, but nonetheless it deserves to be here. Raw broccoli can add a delicious crunch to your salads and can help keep you full as well. Try this great recipe for a delicious Broccoli Citrus Salad.

2. Add broccoli to your smoothies
Depending on the power or speed of your blender, it can be quite easy to add broccoli to your protein shakes or morning smoothies. Try adding broccoli to any of these six great tasting green smoothies to help increase your broccoli intake.

3. Add broccoli to your soups
There's something about broccoli in a cup of soup. The two just fit together. And when the weather starts to cool, it's the perfect time for soup. Broccoli soup is also a quick one to whip up, so if you're in a rush, try this recipe for a 10 Minute Broccoli Soup.

4. Add it to your quinoa dishes
Quinoa has become more and more popular lately and can be used as a rice alternative or in baking recipes. For a different spin on your quinoa dishes, try this Spicy Broccoli Quinoa dish. You can reap the phytonutrient support from the broccoli, and ensure you're getting more than enough protein with the quinoa.

5. Try grilling broccoli on your barbecue
Summer may be on its way out, but there's still enough time to get out there and enjoy your barbecue. There are a variety of ways to grill your vegetables but if you're a bit weary about throwing some broccoli on the grill, check out this great guide for some help.

6. Eat it raw as a snack!
This is definitely the easiest option. While some people may get addicted to the crunch of a potato chip, broccoli can provide that exact same feeling. Not to mention you'll be enjoying fresh vegetables on the couch instead of those nutrient-deficient potato chips.

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