Juicy and Sweet: The Health Benefits of Watermelon

Juicy and Sweet: The Health Benefits of Watermelon


Watermelons are the perfect healthy treat for the summer. Sweet,

juicy, and best served ice cold, watermelons are extremely versatile and

delicious. Eat 'em on their own or as part of a tasty fruit

salad. Even better, the sweetness of watermelons work great in

smoothies, helping you to feel energized throughout your day. And the

benefits of watermelon don't stop there. Did you know they're excellent

for your heath, too?

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Among the benefits of watermelon are

the vitamins packed into the fruit. They're a great source of vitamin

A, C, and B6. Watermelons also contain the amino acids citrulline and

arginine which can help maintain a healthy blood flow and boost your

overall cardiovascular function. They're also a great source of

potassium, which can lower your risk of high blood pressure. Most people

would think of bananas when it comes to good sources of potassium, but

watermelons are just as good!

Vitamin C is a great immune

booster, and while most people would quickly reach for an orange, it is

one of the many benefits of watermelon that can improve your health. B6 vitamins can minimize the risk of inflammation and help support your nervous system, and vitamin A can actually keep cancer at bay by keeping your cells healthy and limiting the production of DNA in cancerous cells.

Watermelons also contain high levels of lycopene, which is an antioxidant that can also fight cancer and heart disease. Lycopene is also quite high in tomatoes, and can also fight cardiovascular disease.

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Watermelons are great in salads, smoothies, or even on their own, but

if you're looking for a great refreshing summer drink, try this great

tasting watermelon lemonade! Watermelons are synonymous with summer, as a hot summer picnic just isn't the same without this delicious treat. Eat up!

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