Sea Salt Part 2

Sea Salt Part 2

Most "sea salt" is essentially the same as regular table salt – it is a refined salt. The term "sea salt" means the salt was derived from sea water. In almost all cases, it is totally refined.

Furthermore most sea salts are:

Mechanically harvested from dirt or concrete containments with bulldozers and piped through metallic pipes. Exposed to very high heat which cracks its crystalline structure. This makes most refined salts much harder to digest, and more acidic. Notice how it irritates. Missing most, if not all, of its essential minerals from the refining process. Adulterated by chemical additives used to make them flow freely; bleached to make them a white color; and iodized to unnaturally high levels. They may also contain added dextrose… yes, SUGAR! Most "Sea Salt", sold in health food stores, generally comes from the same salt refineries as regular supermarket table salt. It is 98%+ sodium chloride. The term "Sea Salt" is a deceptive misnomer. Your first clue is its bleached, unnatural white color.

CELTIC SEA SALT – A Different Super Salt

Celtic Sea Salt has been produced by hand using the same methods of "salt farming" done for centuries off the Brittany Coast of France. It is naturally air and sun dried in clay ponds and gathered by hand with wooden tools. This natural sun energy processing maintains the properties of ‘living’ enzyme content. It is unrefined so it contains 82-84 elements found in sea water. It is unadulterated with no anti-caking additives or bleaching. This is the traditional way salt has been produced for thousands of years. This is the kind of salt spoken of so favorably in the Bible.

CELTIC Sea Salt vs. Refined Salt

SALT – What's Inside

  • Refined Table Salt is dead, not living. Is 97.5% sodium chloride and up to 2.5% chemical additives. NaCl (sodium-chloride) is a chemical as pure as heroin or white sugar! Additives include: 0.01% of Potassium-Iodide (added to the salt to avoid Iodine deficiency disease in the thyroid gland); dextrose/sugar (added to stabilize the Iodine and as anti-caking chemical); Aluminum silicate (very acidic, leaches minerals from the body).
  • Refined Sea Salt is 98% + sodium chloride and up to 2% other minerals. Often includes the same additives as table salt.
  • CELTIC SEA SALT is only 84% sodium and 16% minerals. It contains 82 minerals! Its pH is Alkaline at 8.5. Celtic Sea Salt actually alkalinizes your body, removes toxins, heavy metals, and acidic conditions (most health problems are caused by acidity). It supports the thyroid, can lower blood pressure, and much more!

Benefits of raw-living, unrefined CELTIC SEA SALT

Our bodies possess three internal fluids that closely resemble the content of sea water: blood plasma, lymphatic fluid, and extra cellular fluid. Celtic Sea Salt has the same mineral content as the oceans, and these bodily fluids.

  1. Tastes better. Taste different salts and you will find that Celtic Sea Salt does not irritate your mouth like acidic table salt and other salts such as Himalayan. The taste is slightly sweet, smooth and satisfying. Clients notice fewer cravings.
  2. Less Thirst. Celtic Sea Salt does not cause excessive thirst as other salts do. The reason is Celtic Sea Salt has many other minerals present, such as magnesium, calcium, potassium and various trace minerals, to balance out the sodium.
  3. Enhanced Digestion. The sodium in Celtic Sea Salt activates the salivary enzyme in the mouth, the very first enzyme in the digestive process. Sodium is required by the parietal cells of the stomach wall to make hydrochloric acid for digestion.
  4. Sinus or Bronchial Congestion. Celtic Salt literally flushes mucous out of the body when you use it as a salt flush.
  5. Adrenals. Your adrenal glands run on sodium, not the toxic refined sodium chloride in table salt. A significant part of immune response comes from adrenal hormone secretions. Feed your adrenals.
  6. Sleep. Taking some Celtic Salt at bedtime generally results in longer, uninterrupted, more refreshing sleep.
  7. High Blood Pressure. High blood pressure can be aggravated by common refined table salt. Many people experience a lowering of blood pressure by using Celtic Salt.
  8. Fluid Retention. 1 oz of table or regular sea salt retains up to 7% of water in your body. Celtic Salt can correct water balance because its high electrolyte minerals can actually cause a release of retained water.
  9. Trauma. Celtic Salt can be beneficial for shock, burns (not externally), hemorrhage, surgery and physical trauma.
  10. Miscellaneous Benefits. Celtic Salt may correct over acidity due to its 8.5 pH! Remember many health conditions are due to excess acidity such as: allergies, skin conditions, poor digestion, constipation, food cravings, headaches, fatigue, and more.
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