Stocking Your Kitchen

Stocking Your Kitchen

Check out this list before your next shopping trip. Having your kitchen stocked with healthy food means making better meal choices. From fresh veggies to salsa, add these to your grocey list!

Fresh fruits and vegetables Try a new item each week (something you've never before tried). Be sure to include dark leafy greens daily.
Beans, flour, pasta, seeds, nuts, rice Buy in bulk. It's cheaper and you buy only what you need.

Beans – dried or canned

Beans – dried or canned Stock up. Dried beans last a long time on a cool, dry shelf.
Rice Brown, basmati, wild. Asian stores and some large health food stores carry many varieties of rice.
Grains & flours Rye, millet, barley, quinoa, couscous, oats. After 1 month, store in a seal-tight container in the refrigerator.
Nuts and seeds Buy only raw and unsalted; store them in the fridge or freezer.
Pasta Bulk food stores and some health food stores carry whole wheat, spelt, kamut and rice pasta in various shapes and sizes. Try macaroni and cheese with whole wheat elbow pasta, or lasagna with spelt noodles
Rice, almond or soy milk Try these once in a while instead of cow's milk.
Dried fruit It's great snack and can be incorporated into many recipes and cereal. Look for brands that are preservative-free. Try pineapple, apricot, raisins, dates, prunes.
Salsa The wonder condiment. You will find many ways to use it. It 's great with baby carrots or oven baked tortilla chips.
Extra-virgin cold-pressed olive oil The healthiest oil.
Canned beans, tomato sauce Stock up on these for whipping up wholesome meals in minutes.
Whole wheat, flax or spelt pita bread An all-purpose base for many meals and snacks. Buy several packages and freeze.
Herbs & spices Start a collection and watch it grow.
Quick rolled oats Use as a cereal or add to muffins, cookies, pancakes, breads, and other baked goods.
Frozen vegetables Not an ideal source of nutrients, but great for last minute or "emergency" meals, chili, stir-fry, etc.
Plain yogurt For sauces, dips, or as a healthy snack. Try slicing apples and grapes into the yogurt and sprinkle with cinnamon (and/or vanilla) for a great breakfast or snack.
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