For many people cleaning the house is a dreaded chore. However, the time it takes and the effort required to scrub surfaces clean are not the only downside to cleaning. Toxic cleaning products and wasteful use of paper towels are a significant strain on our environment and our health. Microfiber cloths provide an eco-friendly, healthy and effective alternative to chemical and disposable cleaning products.

First used in Sweden in 1993, the microfiber cloth and water method of cleaning has become wildly popular in the United Kingdom over the past decade. Winning the UK-based Good Housekeeping Institute’s “Green Product of the Year” award in 2007, E-cloth® is the leader in non-chemical cleaning cloths. In 2008 E-cloth® made the trip across the pond, launching its microfiber cloths right here in the US.

How it's Made

E-cloth® is made with polyester fibers – great at attracting oils – and polyamide fibers – which attract water – which are woven into fabric. The fibers act as scrapers at the microbial level, cutting through dirt, oil and bacteria without scratching surfaces. E-cloth® is particularly proud of the quality of their cloths, boasting a top-notch manufacturing process that splits fibers before combining them, making extra tiny fibers which account for E-cloth’s® excellent scraping, lifting and polishing abilities.

Eco vs Micrifiber

So what makes this microfiber cloth an eco-friendly cloth? Because E-cloth® requires only water to effectively clean there is no need to use chemical cleaning products, benefiting not only you and your family, but the environment as well. Chemical-free cleaning also means that those who suffer from allergies or respiratory problems, pregnant women and homes with infants can, literally, breathe easy. The E-cloth® is machine washable and will save you money and landfill space. It also helps to reduce the use of paper towels and disposable cloths and sponges. The cloth can be rinsed with warm water for daily use, throwing it in the washing machine only when it gets really dirty – and performance is guaranteed up to 300 washes.

Tested and Proven

Our Naturally Savvy office, full of glass-top desks, was the perfect setting for testing the E-cloth® Glass & Polishing Cloth. Covered in fingerprints and smudges, we had already tried a variety of cleaning products, but to no avail. The Glass & Polishing Cloth made our desks look like new – and in only one swipe! This cloth was also great at removing smudges and food residue from stainless steel kitchen appliances and gave us streak-free mirrors.

E-cloth’s® General Purpose Cloth worked great at removing visible surface dirt. We used it on a neglected porcelain bathroom sink where it easily removed the caked-on mess from daily use. After a night of inspired cooking, and a clean-up to left until the next morning, the General Purpose Cloth made cleaning the stove top and splattered backsplash a breeze. We also loved that there was no residue left behind, as can often happen with chemical cleaning products.

Suitable for just about any surface – appliances, electronics, lenses, windows and mirrors, hardware and fixtures, wood, furniture, sporting equipment, patio furniture, and even cars – the E-cloth®  takes the elbow-grease out of cleaning, and gets the Naturally Savvy Seal of Approval.

E-cloth® products are priced from $9.98. For more information and to purchase visit their website at www.Ecloth.com.

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