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North American Herb & Spice

Founded in 1999, North American Herb & Spice has formulated over 130 unique nourishing and naturally powerful supplements. Their most widely recognized, Oreganol, leads their celebrated line of oregano products, but the company’s passion for healing plants extends well beyond wild oregano. North American Herb & Spice’s extensive line of raw and wild plant supplements includes Amazon Wild products using tropical plants from the Amazon Rainforest, natural source vitamins, the Kid-e-Care line designed specifically for children, sprays, including germ sprays, bug repellents, a sinus spray, and oregano spray, wild aromatic plant essences, and Clenz, organ detoxification formulas.

The company’s cornerstone product, wild oregano oil P73, is made from a blend of handpicked edible species of wild oregano grown on mineral rich soilsin remote Mediterranean mountains.The whole raw plants are steam distilled using a traditional process to extract their powerful essential oils, and then emulsified in organic extra virgin olive oil. No fillers, chemicals, or solvents are added. Oreganol P73 can be used either internally or topically and is safe for everyday use.

All of North American Herb & Spice’s products are raw and natural to ensure that they maintain their nutritional properties and for maximum absorption. Their strict standards for purity and quality, as well as their dedication to research are what make North American Herb & Spice pioneers in the supplement industry. Their conservation program prevents overharvesting and extinction, a serious problem that threatens many of our planet’s medicinal plants.

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