Life Flows Where Water Goes

Life Flows Where Water Goes

The birth of life began in water on this planet. All life as we know it is dependent upon water. Water shapes the earth, cleanses our environment and nourishes our spirit. What happens to life on earth as the quality and purity of our water supply degenerates? Water used to be one of earth’s commonest minerals. Now there are shortages of clean water in many parts of the world. How long will we continue to contaminate and pollute our water supply? When will it be too late?

Diamonds or Water: Which is More Valuable?

In prehistoric times, water, along with the earth and sun, was once respected, cherished and even worshipped by societies around the world. Times changed. Today we value, and perhaps worship, scarce minerals like gold, silver and diamonds. Man has destroyed and killed for these scarce minerals to adorn our necks, fingers and wrists. From stewardship to destruction of the Earth-when did this shift happen? Why have we placed more value on glittering stones than the water which nourishes us, supports us and cleanses us? We can survive our entire lives without gold, silver and diamonds . . . we would die within a week without water. Let us acknowledge and respect our connection to water again. Let us celebrate the mineral that supports our existence.

Water Has Something to Teach Us

Dr. Masaru Emoto studies sound vibrations and their effect on bodies of water around the world. He has conclusive proof that water is far from inanimate; it is responsive to every emotion, thought and sound vibration. He developed sophisticated equipment that captures photographs of water crystals after having been exposed to different words, music and emotions and discovered that water molecules form crystals in response to the sound vibration imposed on it. The most beautiful crystals form from the words “love and gratitude” said together; they fell apart and distort when expressions like “you fool” or profanities were directed at the water. Since both our bodies and the earth are about 70 percent water, maybe it is worth thinking about how our words affect our health and the planet.

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Water Inspires the Soul

Water has inspired centuries of artists to pick up their brushes and paint. When we are troubled, or mentally stagnant, being in the presence of a river, lake or ocean removes these blockages and allows our thoughts to flow and move again.

Water Cleanses the Environment

Water cleans our environment at many levels. Just as water washes off the dirt and grime of the day, we also need it to cleanse and remove impurities from within our body. Heavy rainfalls and waterfalls omit negative ions into the air-cleansing the positive ions caused by radiation from computers, television, cell phones and other forms of technology. Water that has been meditated upon is often used to refresh our minds and emotions.

Water is Prosperity

Water is necessary for a prosperous community. It contributes to agriculture, industry, manufacturing, power generation and transportation. Improvements in water quality have allowed cities to make waterfront areas the centerpiece of vibrant and new development. Communities across the country benefit from water-based recreation, tourism and commercial fishing which provide jobs and commerce. Where clean water flows, communities grow.

The Challenge

Our creation and use of plastic has decreased the quality of water all around the world. Fragments of plastic and its harmful chemicals will remain in our water supply for centuries to come. In fact, some areas of the ocean now contain more plastic than phytoplankton. Fish have begun to eat the plastic for food. Birds then eat the fish and are found with plastic imbedded in their intestines. How can we decrease the use of plastic to improve the quality of our water supply?

The Solution

Whenever possible, choose glass or tin rather than plastic containers for baby bottles, water bottles, storage containers and even cutlery. Buy your own natural fiber bags to use when you go shopping for groceries. Glass, tin and natural fibers like cotton and hemp are 100 percent recyclable and do not leach chemicals into the water. If every person reduces their use of plastic on a daily basis the chemicals leached into water from plastic will be greatly reduced. As our water quality improves, so will the health of our planet. The choice is yours. Don’t let clean water become one of earth’s scarcest minerals.

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