Cleaning with Vodka: It's Not Just for Beverages


Here's a way to use vodka that you may have never considered: cleaning. Yes, this plant-based spirit, which is often made from fermented barley, corn, potatoes, rye, or wheat with added enzymes, is not only an ingredient in a bloody Mary; it can provide stellar results when used in a spray bottle or straight from the bottle for a variety of cleaning projects around the house.

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You don't have to use an expensive bottle of vodka to reap its benefits. Any vodka will do. Try using it when you run out of your other cleaning supplies or want to experiment with a new way to clean.

Fabric refresher. We've all been there: The upholstered sofa, chair, ottoman or bedding that is absorbing odors from around your house. Try this easy fabric refresher: 30 drops of your favorite essential oil(s), 12 oz of distilled water, and 3 ounces of vodka combined in a spray bottle and spray away! 

Jewelry cleaner. If you have jewelry without stones or gems that need cleaning, vodka is the answer. Soak chains, rings, bracelets, or earrings in vodka for 15 to 20 minutes and then wipe them with a soft clean cloth. They will sparkle!

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Mold and mildew remover. Have mold or mildew in the bathroom or another room where condensation and moisture is an issue? Pour some inexpensive vodka into a spray bottle and spray directly the problem areas. Allow the vodka to soak the area for at least 10 minutes before wiping it off with a sponge or rag.

Glass and window cleaner. These surfaces can take vodka straight up! Spray it directly onto mirrors or windows, wipe with a soft cloth or newspaper and you will end up with streak-free result.

Clothes freshener. A few spritzes of diluted vodka helps to remove musty odors from clothes. Make a mixture of one part vodka to one part water and spritz away! Don't worry: no one will smell the vodka on your clothes once it dries.

Adhesive remover. Have you ever bought something and removed the sticky label, only to be left with adhesive residue? Vodka to the rescue! Simply dab some vodka on the sticky surface, wait a few minutes, and then scrub away the gunk.

Fixture shiner. Chrome and porcelain fixtures take a real shine to vodka. Simply apply some vodka to a soft cloth and use a little elbow grease to clean and shine your bathroom and kitchen fixtures, as well as your door knobs and other accessories.

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