Indoor Air Quality and Your Health

Naturally Savvy
Naturally Savvy

By now, practically everyone knows that air pollution is a serious problem. Industries and governments have devoted a lot of time and effort to cleaning up the environment, with varying degrees of success. What isn’t as well-known, however, is that air pollution isn’t limited to the outdoors. As it turns out, indoor air quality can have just as much of an impact on our health as what we breathe outside. Even if we choose to stay inside all day in fear of environmental pollutants, we may succumb to health issues caused by indoor air pollution.

The air inside of a building is confined to a relatively small space. It also has little chance to circulate with the outside air, in many cases. This means that any contaminants can be trapped and concentrated in the air. Dust, mold and chemicals from household products all can lower the quality of the air inside a home. The effects these may have on our health range from short-term sniffles and sneezes to illnesses with long-term impacts, such as lung disease and even cancer.

Keeping our homes as livable and comfortable as possible means paying attention to indoor air quality. This checklist provides an overview of how the air inside can affect our health, common sources of indoor air pollution, and steps you can take to eliminate it.

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