The Gentle Colonoscopy

The Gentle Colonoscopy

Colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer-related death in the

United States. As with many cancers, early detection is the key to managing this serious and complicated illness. Colonoscopies are generally regarded as the best tool for early detection, however many adults delay this procedure or knowingly avoid it, fearing an uncomfortable preparation period and an invasive procedure.

As the value of early detection cannot be stressed enough it is important to note that colonoscopies, and the preparation for this personal procedure (i.e. "cleaning out the plumbing") need not be a scary or physically uncomfortable event. Carla Greenspan Roter outlines a straight-forward, gentle and effective pre- and post-colonoscopy protocol in The Gentle Colonoscopy. This small but mighty guide will help you to make this potentially life-saving procedure more comfortable and within your control. A nurse for over 40 years and a colon hydrotherapist for 25, Carla Greenspan Roter has successfully guided many friends and clients through the protocol outlined in her new book.

Much of the dismay over colonoscopies lies within the uncomfortable preparation phase. Anti-nausea medications may be prescribed to help combat the effects of the other pharmaceuticals used in the procedure, including harsh and often painful laxatives. Rather than focus on medicines to clear the colon and ease the digestive system,

The Gentle Colonoscopy outlines a 'soft diet' that is designed to both gradually flush out the system and gently ease the body into a reduction of food. A simple but savvy outline of acceptable foods and drinks is included along with the suggestion of natural alternatives to pharmaceutical laxatives and anti-nausea medications. Each hospital and clinic will have its own recommended protocols for the week before the procedure however, these can often include scary suggestions. For example, ingesting artificially flavored and colored sports drinks to maintain your electrolyte balance.

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The Gentle Colonoscopy outlines a much more holistic approach to maintain homeostasis; a clean and predigested diet filled with nutritious foods and some superstar herbs and supplements to ensure you maintain balance and properly nourish your body.

Easy to understand charts and lists help guide you though every component of the diet, from what foods to eat and what to drink, to the specifics of the clear-fluids phase of any colonoscopy protocol. A great feature of The Gentle Colonoscopy is that it doesn't stop with just the dietary preparation protocol. With tips to help prepare you mentally for the medical procedure and knowledgeable suggestions for easing the body back into a regular routine following the procedure, this great resource is like a close friend, seeing you through every stage of this important process.

The Gentle Colonscopy is available on Kobo, and as

a downloadable PDF at Physical copies are also available. For more information and to purchase the booklet, visit Carla Greenspan Roter’s website at:  .


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