Target Targets Organic Consumers with New Organic Non-GMO Food Brand

By Jill Ettinger on June 09, 2013

Target, America's retail frenemy has announced the launch of a new line of store-brand products tailored to the growing number of organic consumers and their interest in organic, non-GMO foods.

Called Simply Balanced, the new line, which launched this week in stores across the country, will begin with drinks and snack foods, but 250 products in total will be rolled out before the end of the year, reports the company. More than half of the items are certified organic and approximately 75 percent of the line is non-GMO. The line will be 100 percent GMO-free by next year—another hot button issue for consumers. As interest in organic rises, so does awareness on the risks connected with consuming genetically engineered foods.

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Like the chain's Archer Farms store brand of products that boast few added ingredients, Simply Balanced aims to target the premium-minded Target shopper who may make organic purchases at other markets.

The company also announced that by 2017, it will also boost its overall organic offerings—from produce to processed foods—by 25 percent.

USA Today reports that the impetus is the popularity of organic foods, which, while still making up less than 10 percent of the overall grocery market, is experiencing double the growth rate of non-organic foods.

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The news comes just after competitor, Wal-Mart, announced plans to move towards direct relationships with fruit and vegetable growers. The nation's leading retail chain says it will reduce costs to consumers as well as provide fresher, higher quality selections of fruits and vegetables. Wal-Mart also plans to increase its produce offerings overall.

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By Jill Ettinger| June 09, 2013
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