[Infographic] Why You Need Sleep

[Infographic] Why You Need Sleep

If there's one thing in our lives we shouldn't sacrifice, it's a

good night's sleep. Getting adequate sleep has been shown to reduce

stress, improve mood and memory, increase athletic performance and even boost your immune system. Physically it

can also reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke and

diabetes, as well as help you to maintain your ideal weight. So why is it, that in order to make room for the many

things we need to do each day, sleep is the one thing that most people

have no problem compromising? It is worth spending a few moments to review this infographic which illustrates the dramatic difference in how our brain and body functions when it is well-rested vs. sleep-deprived.

Read more here about the consequences of sleep deprivation, sleep cycles and how much sleep you really need.

Infographic provided by NOW Foods.

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