The Health Benefits Of Greek Yogurt

The Health Benefits Of Greek Yogurt

One of the more popular foods that has recently exploded onto the health and wellness scene has been Greek yogurt. Commercials have been popping up all over television sets about this new product, and it appears to be the latest in a line of must-have health items. So what exactly is it about Greek yogurt that can be so beneficial towards your health? Well, it's a lot of things really.

When compared to regular yogurt, it's much higher in protein and also lower in carbohydrates and sodium. The higher concentration of protein will help keep you satiated much longer when compared to traditional yogurt. For individuals looking to increase their muscle mass (which can of course, assist in fat loss), Greek yogurt can pack almost 25g of protein into each serving. Furthermore, because Greek yogurt is much more concentrated, it also contains a higher percentage of .Read more about probiotics

Probiotics and You

Probiotics is a term that I'm sure you've heard a lot about lately. Probiotics are live microorganisms that can be found in fermented foods like yogurt, kefir, and buttermilk. These live microorganisms are "good" bacteria that when consumed in adequate amounts provide numerous health benefits including the warding off of colds and the flu, as well as relieving constipation or diarrhea. Ultimately, probiotics can help keep your digestive tract healthy by filtering out and eliminating things that can cause harm to it. While its eliminating these harmful toxins and waste products, the probiotics are simultaneously helping to deliver nutrients from the food you intake and deliver them to your cells, which is where they are needed.

Greek yogurt is packed with this stuff, and regular consumption can not only help with digestion, but it can also assist in the maintenance of good bone and teeth health because of its high levels of calcium as well. However, one of the biggest advantages of consuming Greek yogurt is how versatile it can be. Depending on who you talk to, Greek yogurt can be consumed for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even just as a snack. Some people like it with almonds in the morning, some like it on a salad at lunch, and some prefer it in their post-workout smoothies.

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Whichever way you choose to consume Greek yogurt, the important thing is to simply make it a staple of your diet. You'll begin to reap its benefits in no time.

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