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Since 1994, Bio-K+ International has specialized in manufacturing effective probiotics. Its patented formula of CL1285 L. acidophilus and L. Casei is also one of the most scientifically researched probiotics. Bio-K+ International's motto is 'We don't sell products; we sell results'. With that in mind, the company developed new technology and a unique 14-day manufacturing process completely geared around the specific requirements of its very special and capable probiotic strains, keeping them pure and growing them strong and to staggering potency.

Let's face it – we all suffer from occasional gas, bloating, constipation and other digestive issues. Definitely not fun, yet we usually just put up with it all. Turns out, ignoring your digestive health can have a bigger impact on our health than we realize. Good thing there's an easy solution – Bio-K+CL1285®!

Research suggests that many illnesses and digestive issues may be closely linked to a lack or imbalance of good bacteria in our intestines. Yes, there's actually such a thing as good bacteria – and Bio-K+CL1285® helps restore and maintain a proper balance between the friendly kind and the not-so-friendly kind. How? With probiotics.

Bio-K+CL1285® has a guaranteed minimum of 30 to 50 billion live and active friendly bacteria (depending on product format). This concentration, much higher than those found in probiotic yogurts and most probiotic 'supplements', means you notice more effective results more quickly. This is a major reason healthcare professionals across North America are recommending them.

Bio-K+CL1285® is available in a powerful fresh form (as a liquid) or in convenient capsules.

Bio-K+ Fresh:

  • Available in Original, Fruity, Stawberry and Mango
  • Offered in dairy-based and dairy-free (soy) formulas, that help nourish and protect the probiotics
  • Each variety delivers a minimum of 50 billion friendly bacteria per bottle
  • Bioactivity is guaranteed until expiry date (not just at time of manufacturing)

Bio-K+ Capsules:

  • Each capsule delivers 30 billion or 50 billion (x-tra strength) friendly bacteria
  • Bioactivity is guaranteed until expiry date (not only at time of manufacturing)
  • Capsules are enteric coated, which means they allow the friendly bacteria to reach your intestine safely without being destroyed by stomach acid.

When shopping for a probiotic, look for one that delivers results you can feel. For more information on BioK+ probiotics, visit

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