4 Sources of Dirt and Dust You May Be Ignoring

4 Sources of Dirt and Dust You May Be Ignoring

You might try to maintain a clean home, but are you really doing a thorough job? It’s not enough to wipe down the countertops and vacuum the carpet, especially if you’re trying to prevent dust and dirt allergies. Dust has a habit of hiding in plain sight, just out of reach, and where you can’t see it. To prevent allergy and asthma symptoms, make sure you add cleaning these four places to your routine to remove hidden dust from your home.

1. HVAC Filters and Units

Most homeowners plan to change their filters regularly, but they end up skipping a month or two when life gets busy. Two months turn into six, and soon you can’t remember the last time you changed a filter. Meanwhile, dusty air gets blown into your home and your HVAC unit has to work harder to cycle air. Combat poor airflow by setting a clock to remind yourself to change the HVAC filter – such as when you pay your electric bill or on the first day every month. Changing the filter will become second nature.

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2. Ceiling Fans

Even though they’re constantly on the move, ceiling fans can accumulate dust much more quickly than you expect. However, they’re hard to reach and easy to forget about. Before you clean the rest of the house, grab a duster and start with your ceiling fans’ blades. Any dirt and dust knocked down – and not caught in your duster – you’ll find on the floor. The last thing you want is to re-vacuum an area that’s covered in ceiling fan dust, so spread out a sheet or towel that you can shake out outdoors.

3. Baseboards and Molding

Most homeowners pay strict attention to their floors with regular mopping and vacuuming, but they ignore the baseboards and molding that line the walls. Not only do dirt and dust accumulate when you mop, but they also have nooks and crannies that hold dust. If you haven’t looked at your baseboards in a while, you might need to grab a sponge and bucket to wash them. Afterward, weekly wipe-downs or dusting should suffice to keep them clean.

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4. Under Furniture

Look at your home’s natural traffic patterns. You have a few high-use areas, such as hallways and living rooms, as well as some oft-ignored spaces in certain corners or areas. Your family’s habits can push the dust into these hidden areas, where it settles and accumulates for months on end.

The next time you’re dusting, go where your vacuum can’t. Wipe underneath your sofa and tables, and remember to dust under small spaces, such as under your washer and dryer. If you ever move your furniture, a cloud of dust might fly up into your home if you don’t clean under these places regularly.

Maintaining a clean home is all about finding the spaces you ignore and making sure that they’re dusted. Otherwise, you’re only doing half of the work. This is how you can finally beat the dust and dirt allergies and limit what gets tracked in from the kids and pets.

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