How To Get Rid Of Bathroom Mold

By Melissa Maker on December 14, 2010

how to get rid of bathroom mold getting rid of mold get rid of mold cleaning moldMold— it comes in almost every color and it is pesky, to say the least. It is typically caused by bacteria (that we all have growing in our bathrooms) combined with the hot, humid environment that our bathrooms provide, especially post-shower or bath.  However, there are a few quick, cheap and effective tips you can use to help get rid of mold in your bathroom.

To properly care for your bathroom and remove the mold from tile grout, you will need a good scrub brush and baking soda. To effectively scrub the mold away, treat the grout between tiles and the caulking with a paste made of water and baking soda. Leave on for as long as you need to—for example, very dirty grout can use an hour or two. Spray the tiles with water and use a scrub brush to clean the grout with a brisk back and forth motion. Rinse well and buff dry. 

Once you have scrubbed the grout, you can prolong your mold-removing efforts so that you do not have to use as much elbow grease next time! If your bathroom is not properly maintained between cleanings, it does not take long for mold to come back. In fact, think of mold prevention like oral care—we have to maintain our teeth to keep plaque away. 

Like a dentist, I am going to suggest some preventative maintenance for you to keep mold out of your bathroom.  It only takes seconds to do and is much easier than what the dentist tells you!  

Open a Window

When you have finished showering, turn on a fan or open a window until the humidity from your shower has dissipated.  You need to have top-notch ventilation to remove the humidity and moisture from the air.  The lack of humidity creates a poor breeding ground for bacteria and is the easiest way to maintain your mold-free space.

Mix Up Mold-Prohibiting Spray
To doubly protect your bathroom, keep a spray bottle nearby and quickly mist the tiles and caulking after your shower with this natural anti-mold solution that takes no effort to make.  The solution contains mold-prohibiting ingredients that when sprayed, protect your bathroom from becoming a breeding ground.  You need white vinegar or tea tree oil, water and a spray bottle.

Vinegar solution:  Mix equal parts of vinegar and water in a clean spray bottle.  
Tea tree oil solution:  Mix 10 drops of tea tree oil into a clean spray bottle filled with water

Place the spray bottle on the 'mist' setting. It takes about four seconds to spray the tiles and then you walk away.  Now you are protected from mold. These ingredients are cheap, easy to find and are highly effective.  I particularly love the tea tree oil solution, as I find the scent soothing and spa-like!

By using these eco-friendly and inexpensive tips, you will be able to help keep your bathroom mold free.

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By Melissa Maker| December 14, 2010
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