Perky Eyes 101: Pomegranate


Need to perk up your eye area but don't buy into the hype of eye cream? Try this!

Pomegranate Eye Mask

Everyone knows that drinking pomegranate juice or eating the fruit is good for our bodies because of the huge amount of antioxidants found within. However, pomegranate also works from the outside in.

1. Crush about ¼ cup of pomegranate pods and put between layers of cheese cloth. OR soak cotton pads in pomegranate juice.

2. Either way, put your creation in the freeze for at least 2 hours.

3. Once frozen, take out and apply to the area under eyes or close your eyes and lay over the entire area.

4. Leave on for a few minutes, then remove. Voilà!

For more fun, easy ways to give your eye area some TLC, check out my blogs about aloe vera and fenugreek.

Jane Large

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Jane is passionate about living naturally! Jane’s life took an unexpected turn five years ago when her own personal health crisis allowed her the time to explore new avenues, including Reiki, meditation, yoga and experimenting with essential oils. Disturbed by the extensive use of chemicals in skin care now and the lack of connection with real ingredients, Jane took on the challenge of learning to create 100% natural skincare from scratch using traditional ingredients and methods. Jane formally created Natural Goddess in 2007, a company dedicated to making 100% natural, chemical-free skin and body care products by hand while producing little waste. Jane traveled to Egypt in the summer of 2007 to learn about the use of oils in ancient Egyptian skincare. She intends to travel to different countries yearly to research traditional skincare practices and created relationships with local producers of raw ingredients. Jane’s future goals are to build a totally green, off-the-grid manufacturing facility for Natural Goddess and a chemical-free spa/retreat.