Understanding Organic Skincare Ingredients

Understanding Organic Skin Care Ingredients
Understanding Organic Skin Care Ingredients

If you want to have noticeably clear and even-toned skin, you should establish a good skincare regimen with organic skincare ingredeints. A good beauty care routine begins with understanding and purchasing quality skincare products that are good for you. The products should be natural, yet effective, and contain no harsh sulfates or harmful chemical by-products. These chemicals may dry out the skin as well as increase the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines which can make you look older than your actual age.

While some people are okay with buying non-organic skincare products, those who choose natural skincare brands find and enjoy more benefits of using organic products. People use natural skincare products to stop using products that are formulated with harmful and unsafe ingredients such as parabens, petrochemicals, and other skin-irritating scents.


Cleansing is the initial step in any skincare regimen. It is imperative to find a mild cleanser to lift and eliminate pore-clogging debris and dirt from the skin. Those who regularly wear cosmetics should make sure to pick a cleanser that is good enough to take away make-up as well as dirt.

Organic cleansers commonly use a blend of nut or fruit oils along with some other botanical ingredients. The following are some natural ingredients used in formulating cleansers and the benefits they can provide:

  • Apple juice (soften skin)
  • Coconut, sunflower, jojoba, and sesame oil (moisturize the skin)
  • Green tea (antioxidant properties)
  • Aloe vera (balance skin's pH)
  • Gotu kola extract (relieve inflammation)
  • Geranium and patchouli essentials (rehydrate wrinkled skin)
  • Horsetail extracts(heal wounds)
  • Yucca schidigera (replace lost nutrients)
  • Sweet orange oil and chamomile (aromatherapeutic benefits)


After washing, you have to apply a gentle facial moisturizer to your skin. Most facial cleansers are formulated with a facial moisturizer. This helps hydrate the skin and increase firmness and elasticity. Organic moisturizers aid the skin to attract and preserve moisture.

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Common ingredients in natural moisturizing products include nut and fruit oils, essential oils, and other nourishing plants which include the following:

  • Cupuacu butter, shea butter, and cucumber extract (moisturize the skin)
  • Acai oil (antioxidant properties)
  • Calendula oil (relieves inflammation)
  • Rice bran, sweet almond oil, watercress extract, and aloe vera juice (supply vitamins and minerals)


Exfoliants eradicate the top and dead skin cells that can block pores and result in the development of acne. Cosmetic Surgeons from Australia's leading clinic (Cosmos Clinic) say that:

"Skincare products with alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) help loosen damaged skin cells, maximize cell regeneration, and increase the deposit of glycosaminoglycans on the skin. This clears pores, refines the appearance and texture of the skin, and removes blockage to allow penetration of topical agents such as retinoid, bleaching creams, and antioxidants."

Be certain to only use the exfoliants twice a week to avoid damaging the skin. You also need to make sure that the brand you buy is not too abrasive. Too abrasive scrubs can produce fine tears on your facial skin. Here are some exfoliants and their benefits:

  • Sesame seed oil, olive oil, shea butter, and cucumber extract (remove signs of aging)
  • Raw cane sugar (cleanses and exfoliates the skin)
  • Jojoba oil and watercress extract (nourishes the skin)
  • Sweet orange oil (aromatherapeutic benefits)
  • Alluvial garnet (removes dead skin cells)
  • Lemon and bergamot essential oils (adds natural fragrance)
  • Jojoba beads (remove skin cells)
  • Sclerotium rolfsii gum (natural polysaccharide thickener)

If you wish to protect your skin and body from the damaging ingredients used in most commercial brands, then you should consider using organic skincare products. Everyone is concerned about their well-being and health which means that we should be proactive and careful in selecting which skincare products to use.

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Annie Dodson is a blogger and cosmetologist from Australia. Her main area of expertise is research based on finding new, organic skincare ingredients. She also blogs about skin are tips and health and wellness subjects. She is currently working as a treatment consultant at Cosmos Clinic. In her spare time, she enjoys yoga, cycling, and spending time with friends.

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