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According to Doug De Vito, Eric Pearl's right hand man, "the staff prepares the room energetically prior to the seminar so everyone who attends seeps in the healing frequency all weekend." Ah…that explains it.

Although in theory I trusted we were learning something very powerful, there's still something to be said for "seeing [or feeling] is believing." So when Doug asked for a volunteer from the audience to demonstrate a technique, I jumped at the opportunity.

He asked me to lie down on his table and close my eyes. Because I receive regular energy sessions, I expected to feel something along the lines of what I was used to. Without ever even touching me, Doug began his demo and what I felt next was intense. I felt a strong pressure in my head, as if it was enclosed in a magnetic field. My heart started to pound in my chest area and then the pounding moved up to my head. My eyes felt like they were opening and closing (called a "register") and I had to fight to keep them closed. And my body felt like it was twitching, almost shaking. It lasted for about two minutes and then when the demo was done, the sensations subsided.

From that point on, I was sold. Reconnective Healing is powerful stuff.

That night I went home and was excited to share my newfound knowledge with my family. I also wanted to experiment with it to see if I could really "find, feel, and stretch the energy" like they taught us to do.

Not long after I came home, as I was putting my kids to bed, the power on our street went out. I didn't think much about it until I went back to class the next day. I asked one of the teachers if there could be a connection between the seminar and electricity. He told me that electrical distrubances are quite common once people are exposed to this healing frequency and it generally takes a day or two to get back to normal. In fact Eric mentions it in his book, The Reconnection.

When asked how this new frequency of healing energy works, Doug explained they aren't sure. He compared it to driving a car. Most of us don't know how to build a car or understand how its braking system works, but we don't need to understand it to know how to drive it. The same goes for Reconnective Healing. We don't need to understand how it works to know that it does.

Everyone's experience with Reconnective Healing is different. Some people experience physical sensations like I did; others feel nothing at all. One woman in our group kept flopping her arm up and down whenever she received a healing. There is no right or wrong response to what we feel or experience during a Reconnective Healing. According to Doug, "sometimes no reponse at all has the largest impact on someone's healing."

The interesting thing is miraculous healings can happen anytime: right then on the table, the day after, or even six months later. In addition, we may or may not even know what we were healed for. The Universe has its own plans and will heal what it deems to be a priority. You can put in a request, but it doesn't mean your request will be answered at that moment if it's not in your highest good.

The first two nights of the seminar, I felt the energy working on me. My hands and feet tingled all night and when I awoke a couple of times during the second night, I felt as if there was a presence working on me.

In his book, Eric suggests having a series of three healings and then stopping to allow to Universe to take over and do its work. However, if for example six months later you sprain your ankle and want another healing, that's OK too.

What Eric doesn't want is for anyone to become dependent on the healings. Reconnective Healing isn't a crutch or something you use long-term. The beauty of it is that it's powerful and works quickly.

As for my personal experience, I'm happy I took the seminar. I learned a lot and now have a tool in my back pocket to use whenever I feel it's appropriate. I've used it on my husband, kids, and friends, and they've all said or shown they've felt something: tingling, head pressure, blinking, and/or hand movement. My friend called me a week after her session and told me her painful shoulder was feeling better.

Like anything I come across, I like to share it with you, our visitors. This is no different. I met Toni Silveira-Gillie, a Reconnective Healing Practitioner Mentor on Twitter, and asked her to write about Reconnective Healing for our site. She will be starting with us in September.

If you'd like to learn more about The Reconnection, read healing testimonials, or attend a seminar, you can visit Eric's website at:

Happy healing!

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