101 Reasons to Go Vegan

101 Reasons to Go Vegan

Forbes magazine declared veganism the food trend of 2013 and the trend is still going strong. Al Gore made the switch. Giving up meat is no longer just a fad–it's a bona fide lifestyle choice that's healthier, more humane, and easier to live by than ever before. Not sure if veganism is for you?  Here are 101 reasons to give it a try:

  1. You'll look better
  2. Lose weight
  3. Feel stronger
  4. And lighter
  5. And leaner
  6. And cleaner
  7. Your skin glows
  8. The acne goes away
  9. So does the eczema

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10. And the psoriasis
11. And the oily skin
12. The dark circles
13. Your intestinal tract works so much better
14. Cholesterol levels drop
15. Heart works better
16. Mind is clearer
17. You can eat almost anything you want without worrying about gaining weight
18. Vegetables are so amazing
19. And delicious
20. And versatile
21. There are so many ways to eat kale
22. And so many reasons why
23. Vegetables really are healthier for us than meat
24. So are fruits
25. So are black beans
26. Pinto beans
27. Lentils
28. Mung beans
29. Green beans
30. Garbanzo beans
31. Kidney beans
32. Navy beans
33. Even lima beans (well, sometimes)
34. You can eat soybeans, too
35. Like in tofu
36. Or tempeh
37. Or miso soup
38. And whole grains
39. Brown rice
40. Quinoa
41. Whole wheat
42. Chia seeds
43. Hemp seeds
44. You can be a seitan worshipper (without going to hell)
45. Artisan crafted vegan cheese
46. Pizza that's actually good for you
47. You can have veggie burgers
48. And veggie dogs
49. Faux chicken wings, if you're into that kind of thing
50. Dessert takes on a whole new world
51. With coconut cream
52. Cashew cream
53. All kinds of flavors
54. And textures
55. And healthy ingredients
56. Without the eggs
57. The dairy
58. Or honey
59. You are filled up with brain foods
60. Antioxidant-rich foods
61. Anti-inflammatory foods
62. Avocados are an excellent source of protein
63. And healthy fats
64. And the incredible flavor
65. So are pumpkin seeds
66. Brazil nuts
67. And almonds
68. Because chickens deserve better
69. So do turkeys
70. And pigs
71. And cows
72. And fish
73. And ducks
74. And deer
75. And goats
76. And rabbits
77. And those poor horses in the food supply all over Europe recently
78. No more cages
79. Veal stalls
80. Foie gras torture
81. No more CAFOs
82. Tail docking
83. Or beak-searing
84. No more antibiotics
85. Growth hormones or
86. GMO feed
87. No more mastitis
88. Or pus-filled milk
89. No more salmonella poisoning
90. E.Coli
91. Or listeria
92. No more cruelty
93. No more shame
94. No more guilt
95. No more polluted air
96. Or water
97. Or soil
98. But most of all you're making the world a better place
99. A kinder place
100. A gentler…
101. And a more compassionate world for all creatures.

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