Food and Sex: Aphrodisiac Foods

Food and Sex: Aphrodisiac Foods

With Valentines Day just around the corner, there's no better time to start slipping some libido-enhancing foods into your (or your loved one's) dish. Here are my top sexy foods to help put you in the mood!


Though it's not what you typically think of as a sexy food, asparagus contains quite a few nutrients that well help you to get your engines roaring. Asparagus contains Vitamin E which helps to balance our hormones as well as folate, an important ingredient in histamine production which is required to reach climax. Also high in vitamin E: almonds, sunflower seeds, avocados.


Now here's a food that we all associate with love… chocolate! While some women say they prefer chocolate to sex (poor women!), cacao (which is used to make chocolate) contains many chemical compounds, including: anandamide, a euphoric substance; arginine, a natural aphrodisiac; and phenylethylamine which just so happens to be the chemical that is released when we fall in love. When using chocolate as therapy, the darker the better, or better still– treat yourself to some raw cacao beans or powder.


This delicious root is warming, dilates blood vessels and gets your circulation going so that your blood gets to where it needs to be!


Touted as a 'superfood', this Peruvian herb (most commonly found in powdered form at your local health food store) is getting a ton of buzz for it's libido-enhancing prowess. According to Chris Kilham, Medicine Hunter, Maca is "considered the single greatest libido-enhancing herb for overall sex drive and reproductive health." That's quite the recommendation! You can sprinkle maca into your morning smoothie, or partially substitute it for flour in your baking.

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are a top sexy food because of their high zinc content. Zinc is one of the most common male deficiencies since this nutrient is lost after ejaculation. In the body, zinc blocks an enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen, so getting adequate zinc in the diet will help bring out the manly man in you. Also high in zinc: raw oysters, tahini, lamb.

Wild Salmon 

Really, any food rich in essential fatty acids will help get your blood flowing, but I just picked salmon based on its deliciousness! Also rich in EFA's: hemp seeds, chia seeds, avocados.

Since preparing a meal together is one of the best activities for date night, why not base a meal around one of the sexy foods on this list and let the feelings of love overcome you…Happy Valentine's Day!

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