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Every new mom wants to do what's best for their child. So when Heather Schoenrock's first daughter was born in 1999, she made it her mission to find the healthiest, most nutritious baby food that Lucy would love to eat. She didn't want her little one eating the pesticides, fertilizers, hormones, artificial ingredients, additives, preservatives, fillers, added salt or sugar that can be present in most commercial baby foods, and with the growing amount of research on their negative effects, who could blame her? She searched for something pure and simple – and came out empty handed. Already passionate about cooking, she started to make her own baby food from organic produce and shared it with some friends–a move that would lead her to teaming up with her friend Connie Pope to start Jack's Harvest.

The Process

Jack's Harvest products use only the best quality, seasonal organic produce that Heather selects herself. Small batches of their recipes are prepared and gently cooked (when necessary) in their certified organic kitchen, following meticulous hygienic procedures that exceed HACCP standards. Once their blends reach the proper texture from blending, the food is frozen in small, heart-shaped portions (1 oz for So Smooth, 3 oz for Little Lumpy) to capture the fresh flavor, vibrant color, rich texture, and essential nutrients that are in the freshly prepared food. Instead of wrapping each portion individually, these smart moms bulk package 4 or 12 portions into tamper resistant resealable bags that won't hog valuable freezer space.

Tried, Tested and True

Heather generously sent us samples of her Papplesauce and Lip-Smacking Sweet Potatoes So Smooth baby food to test for ourselves. They came with very easy instructions and were quite tasty — even for the adult trying it (that would be me). I thawed the portions using the stove-top method (a toaster oven would also do the trick) and found it worked very well. The results were a creamy, soft textured fruit and veggie purees that were tasty. The Papplesause tasted just like — apples! As the only ingredient listed, it's no wonder it tasted just like the real thing. As for the Lip-Smacking Sweet Potatoes, the touch of cinnamon and vanilla added an extra-yummy kick to the already delicious Sweet Potato flavor.

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Jack's Harvest makes it easy for new moms to give their babies healthy, organic food not only because it tastes great, but also because it's very easy to prepare, has clean ingredients, and doesn't take up too much room in your freezer. It certainly passes my strict standards for food, earning the Naturally Savvy Seal of Approval.

Jack's Harvest products are available online through Amazon.com. Visit JacksHarvest.com for more information.

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