Goddess Garden Sunscreens: Minerals Rock! Chemicals, Not So Much

Goddess Garden Sunscreens: Minerals Rock! Chemicals, Not So Much 3

The term “sunscreen” often refers to the active ingredients that prevent sunburns. Quite literally, these ingredients “screen” the sun from your body. Sunscreen ingredients fall into two categories-mineral or chemical-and work in completely different ways.

Every day you make choices. Maybe you want brownies for breakfast, but opt for oatmeal instead. Nicely done! You care about what goes in your body, so it only makes sense to make good choices about what goes on your body, too. To make good choices, you have to know the facts.

What are chemical sunscreens?

Chemical sunscreens are a cocktail of unpronounceables like oxybenzone and oxtinoxate. They create a chemical reaction that absorbs, rather than reflects, the sun’s rays. That’s why you have to wait 20 minutes for them to work. They also break down faster in the sun. These synthetic chemicals can irritate your skin and cause health issues like hormone disruption. Usually, if it’s not good for us, it’s not good for the earth either, and these chemicals are affecting the health of the planet-particularly coral reefs.

Mineral sunscreens-a natural alternative

Mineral sunscreens like zinc and titanium, are simply tiny rocks that work like a mirror to reflect the sun’s rays. They aren’t absorbed so they won’t irritate your skin or get in your bloodstream. They’re effective immediately and won’t break down in the sun. Best of all, you aren’t coating your body in chemicals! Since they’re natural minerals, they’re just as safe for the earth as they are for you, and they don’t affect the coral reefs!

Sometimes choice means a tradeoff, but with sunscreens like those from Goddess Garden, you don’t have to suffer a sunburn to protect the planet. And you don’t have to face health consequences tomorrow in order to benefit today!

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