Healthy Father's Day Gifts for 2019

Happy Father's Day

We're not saying there's anything wrong with giving dads a tie for that special day in June set aside just for them. But perhaps this year you might want to shake it up a bit and go for some healthy Father's Day gifts.

I admit it's always been more of a challenge to find the right gift for Father's Day than it has been for Mother's Day, and I know I'm not alone! To help reduce any stress you may be experiencing over what to buy this year, we've got some ideas for you.


After a vigorous workout at the gym, a long day at work, a day of chores around the house, or a strenuous hike, what better way to relax and let go of tension than in a hammock. You can choose from many different types and materials. Does your guy have a place in the yard to secure a hammock between two trees or other secure posts? Would a free-standing hammock work better for him? Could he use a hammock for camping? Might he hang a hammock from hooks on his back porch, patio, or in a man cave?

You also can choose from different materials and styles. Mayan and Nicaraguan hammocks are made from nylon string or cotton, while Brazilian hammocks are made from cotton fabric and are more long-lasting than string hammocks. Jungle of Venezuelan hammocks are composed of polyester or nylon, while camping or travel hammocks are easy to pack and made of nylon parachute fabric. There is a hammock for every dad and every occasion!

Jump rope

This is a piece of exercise equipment your dad can take and use anywhere, whether he's at home, going to the gym, or traveling a lot. Buying a sports jump rope takes a little know-how, so unless you know exactly what type of jump rope the man in your life can use, here are a few tips.

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The rope segment should be three feet longer than the person you are buying it for. Therefore, buy a nine foot rope for a six foot man. A durable rope is one made of a steel cable wrapped in vinyl. These are long-lasting for both outdoor and indoor use.

For weight loss, the rope should be from one-half pound to two pounds, but if speed is the goal, then a quarter-pound rope is fine. The handles should weight about 10 ounces each. If buying a jump rope is completely new to you, be sure to talk to an experienced sales person at a sports store for additional information.

Stainless steel beverage bottle

Make sure dad is keeping his water and other beverages safe and healthy in a stainless steel water bottle free of BPA (bisphenol-A) and phthalates, two chemicals shown to disrupt hormone levels. Use of stainless steel bottles also eliminates the need for those environmentally unfriendly plastic water bottles. A better gift than one stainless steel bottle is two—one for work and one for home/leisure, so dad is never without one!

Smart scale

Whether the man in your life is an athlete, a couch potato, or somewhere in between, a smart scale could be the right gift. Forget the scales that just flash back your weight. Smart scales do not only track and record your weight over time; they also can transmit the information (with your permission; many are wifi and/or Bluetooth enabled) to your doctor or anyone else who needs the information. In addition, many smart scales also measure bone density, fat percentage, water percentage, and body mass index. A few even note your resting heart rate through your feet.


This gift can inspire(!) the man in your life to eat more veggies, prepare tantalizing meals for you and his loved ones, and create some great looking dishes. Spiralizers can transform vegetables such as carrots, zucchini, cucumbers, parsnips, sweet potatoes, white potatoes, bell peppers, cabbage, and beets, as well as apples. Be sure to pick up a spiralizer that offers several different sizes of blades and some recipes.

Essential oil diffuser

An essential oil diffuser is the perfect vehicle for stress-reducing essential oils such as lavender, bergamot, rose, lemon, ylang ylang, and spearmint. Of these, bergamot is often a favorite among men. It is said to help balance hormones and bring on a sense of calm.

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Essential oil diffusers come in various forms. One of the easiest and effective ones to use is an ultrasonic diffuser. Simply add several drops of essential oil to water in the reservoir and the oil is dispersed in a controlled manner. These diffusers also purify the air and act as humidifiers. Nebulizing diffusers are very effective at dispersing the oil molecules and they don't require water or heat to work. However, they use more oil than other diffusers.

Evaporative diffusers use a pad or filter and a fan to help disperse the essential oils. These diffusers are a bit noisier than the other two types, but the fan helps the oils evaporate quickly and circulate better. Be sure to pick up at least one essential oil to go with the diffuser you choose!

Yoga mat

If the man in your life is into doing the downward dog and warrior pose, then a yoga mat should be on your healthy Father's Day gifts list. Among the qualities you need to consider are length, width, and thickness. You want a mat that can accommodate your man's height and also give him adequate space side-to-side. Some men may need a mat that is slightly thicker to take into account sensitive joints or one that is especially designed to absorb excessive sweat that can accompany hot yoga sessions.

Men who sweat a lot also may need a mat that offers a good grip, so choose a textured one. For men who may be traveling with their yoga mat, a light-weight model may be the winning choice.

Blue ray blocking glasses

Help dad sleep better at night by getting him some blue ray blocking glasses. This eye wear protects the eyes from the blue rays that radiate from dad's electronic devices, which could be keeping him awake at night or otherwise making it difficult to get the rest he needs.

Some experts suggest we steer clear of our laptops, smartphones, and other electronic devices four hours before retiring. That's a difficult pill to swallow, so blue ray blocking glasses are the next best thing. In a recent study from Columbia University, for example, people with insomnia symptoms who wore blue ray blocking glasses experienced significantly better total sleep time, sound sleep, and overall sleep quality than those who wore clear lenses.

The bottom line

Make this Father's Day special for that dad or other man in your life. Choose healthy Father's Day gifts this year so he'll be around to share many more great days with

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