Healthy Mother's Day Gifts for 2020

Mother's Day

Are you wracking your brain trying to come up with the perfect healthy mother’s day gifts? Well, we have got it handled for you! Whether your mother is 45, 65, 85, or 105, at least one of these gifts should be just about perfect. However, only you know your mother and what she likes, so the final decision is up to you. So grab your credit card and let’s go shopping!

Memory Video

With so many great memories we accumulate over the years, why not create a card or video that is personalized and helps her walk down memory lane while putting a smile on her face. Today there are many online apps that help you do this without any technical background. Try Animoto, Smilebox or Biteable.

Organic veggies

Want to help your mother eat the healthiest fruits and veggies available? Then why not enroll her in a home delivery organic produce plan? Some cities have cooperatives that run such programs, delivering fresh produce to your doorstep on a set schedule.

Extra sleep

Could your mom use a few extra hours of sleep every now and then? Who wouldn’t! Find a way to make that possible, depending on her schedule. Perhaps it means you find someone to walk her dog early in the morning. Or you offer to do her grocery shopping. Perhaps a few home cooked meals in the evening would allow her to get to sleep earlier. Customize your gift of extra sleep to your mom’s unique needs and schedule.

Yoga mat

A new yoga mat can motivate your mom to follow along with a yoga session on the internet or join a group of friends who are doing yoga together. There are a variety of sizes and thicknesses, so choose one that would best suit your mom’s needs.

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Essential oils

Introduce your mom to the healing powers of essential oils. Choose two or three of the more popular oils, such as lavender, orange, and peppermint, and give her a diffuser as well. If essential oils are completely new to your mom, be sure to provide some simple instructions and information on how to use them and the many benefits they provide.

Weighted blanket

Sleep is one of our most essential health needs, so a weighted blanket may be the best and most original of the healthy mother’s day gifts ever! Weighted blankets have been shown to help lull people to sleep naturally and effectively. Does your mom toss and turn, wake up tired, or just really crave better sleep? A weighted blanket may be the answer.

Silk pillowcase

A silk pillowcase can help keep your mom’s hair and skin looking their best. Let’s fight aging the silky way! Find the right color to complement her current bedding.

Healthy herbs

What could be better than having fresh, organic herbs at your fingertips? Get one or more of your mom’s favorite herbs in small or larger containers—whatever fits her lifestyle. She may prefer an herb garden kit that provides everything she needs to start growing herbs in her own home right away!

Gift basket of healthy items

You can’t go wrong when you fill a basket with a variety of healthy mother’s day gifts. Customize the basket to your mom’s unique needs and preferences. Perhaps some organic dark chocolate, all-natural moisturizer, herbal teas, essential oils, vegetable-based soap, organic extra virgin olive oil, aromatherapy beeswax candles, organic popcorn, sulfite-free wine, and dried banana chips. Be creative!

Healthy cooking class

Has your mom been watching cooking programs on TV and wanting to get into the kitchen with some experts? Then give her a gift certificate to attend in person (in the future) or virtually online, a healthy cooking class. Perhaps you can do it together and make it a mother-daughter event.

Fruit infuser water bottle

With a fruit infuser water bottle, your mom can enjoy fruit-infused water all day long. An inner core cylinder holds the fruit and allows the flavors to steep into the water. Help your mom stay hydrated in a delicious, healthy way!

Himalayan salt lamp

The gentle glow of a Himalayan salt lamp may provide stress-reducing powers for your on-the-go mom. Yet proponents of these natural wonders also say they release negative salt ions that can enhance blood circulation, improve sleep, boost serotonin levels in the brain, lower electromagnetic radiation, and calm asthma and allergy symptoms. Be sure you are getting an authentic Himalayan salt lamp. One way to tell: a true lamp will sweat when exposed to moisture in the air.

Blue blocker glasses

Exposure to blue light from electronic devices—cell phones, tablets, laptops, TVs, PCs—can disrupt your sleep by throwing off your melatonin production. If your mom wears blue blocker glasses at night, she can fall asleep faster, enjoy better sleep, and experience less eye strain.

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The bottom line

Every mom is unique, so finding just the right gift for your mom can be challenging. Did we solve your gift giving dilemma? Which of these healthy mother’s day gifts might you be sending this year?

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