20 Reasons To Try Organic Sulfur

Hesh Goldstein reveals 20 important reasons to try organic sulfurHealth expert Hesh Goldstein is a big advocate of organic sulfur (OS). Here are Hesh's 20 top reasons to take it as a daily supplement:

1. Organic sulfur is not a drug or prescription medicine. It is actually a nutrient, or a food that the body can consume.

2. It increases enzyme production within the glands in the body, substantially increasing overall resistance to illness.

3. It increases flexibility in the tissues within the body and increases blood circulation.

4. It reduces muscle inflammation, promotes healing in the muscles and prevents them from becoming sore. To the degree there is soreness, recovery and return to normality is quickened. Athletes, in particular, benefit from this as the intake of additional OS dramatically increases their recovery time.

5. It eliminates “free radicals”in the body. Allergies to pollens and certain foods can be reduced or eliminated by its use.

6. It promotes healthy, increased growth of hair and fingernails.

7. It has been studied for possible anti-cancer effects. Because of the oxygenation of the cells and tissues, which creates an aerobic environment, cancer cells cannot exist.

8. Studies have shown it can help reverse symptoms of osteoporosis, Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease.

9. It aids in healthy skin production and the reduction of “wrinkles”. It is one of the main ingredients in moisturizing creams.

10. It helps the body properly regulate insulin production. Adequate OS in the diet mayreduce the need for insulin injections.

11. It helps alleviate chronic headaches. Increased circulation in the brain cells promotes proper blood circulation within the brain. Less pressure and pain result, reducing tendencies for headaches.

20 reasons to try organic sulfur, including headache relief

12. It helps alleviate emphysema. It provides the body with material to manufacture new, healthy cells, on lung walls.

13. Because of its ability to make cell walls more permeable, OS causes the body to rapidly release alcohol “hangover” toxins, removing them as waste from the body. The process happens far more rapidly than it takes to recover from a hangover, often as quickly as 20 minutes.

14. It helps in reducing and often eliminating diverticulitis. Parasites living in the colon are unable to remain attached to the colon walls on which OS forms a smooth, resistant coating. Hatching worms, having nothing to grab on to, are flushed out.

15. It reduces hypoglycemia in the body because it has made it easier for the body to introduce blood sugar through more permeable cell walls. Less insulin is demanded for the process, resulting in less overuse of the pancreas. Several months of consistent OS usage can reduce or eliminate hypoglycemia entirely.

16. It helps alleviate PMS. Glandular production in enhanced by OS to have more “normal” levels of production. Acid levels, enzyme levels and hormonal levels are more evenly balanced with OS. Cramps, headaches and nausea from the monthly cycle can be reduced or eliminated through its use.

17. It helps promote better kidney function more efficiently. Water retention problems due to bad kidney function can be alleviated.

18. It can help alleviate eye problems. Dissolve 1 teaspoon of sulfur crystals in 4 ounces of water and us as eye drops as frequently as you like.

19. It will deliver essential omega-3s throughout the body and will also allow the body to produce vitamin B-12.

20. It has amazingly reversed autism in 18 children that we know about so far.

To read more about organic sulfur or to order organic sulfur crystals, visit Hesh's website, www.healthtalkhawaii.com and click on Products and Services.

Hesh Goldstein explains why organic sulfur is critical to good health

Nutrition expert Hesh Goldstein is a huge advocate of the vegan diet and lifestyle. His radio show, Health Talk Hawaii, has been on the air since 1981. Naturally Savvy had the pleasure of interviewing Hesh to discuss his philosophy about healthy eating and his upcoming book, 'A Sane Diet for An Insane World.'


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