Corn on the Cob in Husk for the Firepit

Corn on the Cob in Husk for the Firepit

A simply, delicious fall treat.


4 ears corn (or more if you have a larger family or guests)

4 tablespoons butter, or non-dairy butter alternative

Himalayan pink salt



Soak the corn in the husk for at least 4 hours in water or overnight.

The corn can be cooked over a firepit or on the BBQ, your choice.

Drain excess water and place on grill; turn over the husks every 15 minutes. Continue cooking for 45 minutes in total.

When you take it off the grill, pull the husk back but don’t break it off–the silk will come off easy.

Use the husk as a handle and roll the cob in butter, a non-dairy butter alternative, and sprinkle with a bit of Himalayan pink salt and pepper to taste.

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