Fruity Beauty Sangria

Fruity Beauty Sangria
Fruity Beauty Sangria

Sangria is refreshing and great for any celebration. This version has a tea base made with Bigelow Tea's Radiate Beauty Benefits Tea. Its sweet blueberry goodness lends itself so well to this Sangria recipe. You can have it with or without alcohol, your choice.


3 cups boiling water

18 Benefits Blueberry and Aloe Tea Bags

3 cups of fresh fruit (oranges, cherries, strawberries or any fruit you desire)

Sugar or natural sweetener alternative (to taste)

1 bottle organic rosé wine (optional)


Bring water to a boil, add tea bags and let steep 4-5 minutes.

Remove tea bags and allow tea to cool. Add cut fruit, sugar, and wine. Mix well. Serve chilled or over ice. Add a little cinnamon stick for garnish.

This recipe is courtesy of Bigelow Tea.
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