Healthy Chocolate Hazelnut Pot de Crème

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These luscious pots de crème are a no-bake variation of my famous original Crème au Chocolat. They add the sweet nutty taste of hazelnuts! If you love nutella, as most French people do-in fact they are obsessed (!)-you will absolutely LOVE these, c’est un régal! Of course they are much healthier (not all that added sugar), sustainable (no palm oil of course), and nutritious at that: Just take a look at the wholesome simple plant-based ingredients that I use, I am amazed myself! I like to serve these in beautiful champagne flutes or tall martini glasses to add a note of elegance to the whole experience!!

I prefer using dry roasted unsalted hazelnuts because they impart more flavor but raw hazelnuts will work as well.

Serves: 8


1/3 cup whole dry roasted hazelnuts

6 oz coconut milk (unsweetened)

5 pitted medjool dates, chopped + 2 Tbsp water

12 oz organic silken tofu (soft), not drained

½ cup canned black lentils, rinsed and drained*

8 oz dark chocolate (60-70% cocoa)

Chopped or crushed hazelnuts for the topping


1. Place the chopped dates in a little container with 2 Tbsp water and warm in a sauce pan to soften and set aside.

2. Break up the chocolate into pieces and melt over low heat or in a double burner, stir well until smooth and proceed.

3. Place all the ingredients in a blender (except for the chopped hazelnuts for the topping) and process for 1-2 minutes until smooth.

Scrape the sides and blend again for another minute.

4. Pour the mixture in individual containers of your choice, I love using champagne glasses and filling them half way.

5. Top with chopped or crushed hazelnuts.

6. Refrigerate and serve cool or at room temperature.

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